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Unique Vertebrata Reptilia Lizard fossil inclusion in Baltic amber

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Unique Lizard inclusion in Baltic amber

Vertebrata: Reptilia (Lacertidae: Succinilacerta succinea)

Published in Atlas of Plants and Animals in Baltic Amber pages 218 - 219


  • Description of inclusion:Vertebrata: Reptilia (Lacertidae: Succinilacerta succinea)
  • Locality: Lithuania
  • Dimensions of amber stone (mm): 40 x 29 x 7 (1 Inch = 25.4 mm)
  • Dimensions of inclusion (max. mm):32


Redescription of the Eocene lacertid lizard Nucras succinea


Heft 81 Hamburg, September 1998S. 203-222Mitt. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg


New specimen referable to Succinilacerta succinea, Baltic amber , Eocene, Yantarny

... More details of the foot scalation were, however, visible in a newly acquired Baltic amber lizard, which was found in the last few years in the Palmnicken (= Yantarnyj) area and available for study (pl. III, figs. 1, 2). It concerns a lacertid lizard without head (size 3.2 cm), easily recognizable as such by the regular, subrectangular ventral plates and the regularly whorled tail. The lizard offers many details which are invisible in the Königsberg specimen, respectively the N. succineatype. The ventral plates seem to be arranged in six longitudinal rows, the preanal region is obscured by an air bubble. The inner side of the right hindlimb shows enlarged, irregular plates on the femoral, and transversely widened plates on the tibial surface. A more granularly scaled strip of the integument beneath the inner femoral pores, which are, however, weakly expressed and/or difficult todistinguish. The feet, particularly the toes, show a very distinctive feature: the claws are enclosed by twoterminal scales, the lower of which has a lobiform shape; its upper fellow surrounds, in spite of its shape in modern lacertids, the entire toe...